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Stop smoking

Probably one of the first things people associate with hypnotherapy is stopping smoking.

And rightly so.

Smoking is a habit that becomes engrained over many years.

People need a lot of will-power to help them to kick that habit.

Habits and motivation are two areas that hypnotherapy is particularly good with.

The way I like to help people to quit smoking is through a combination of techniques to boost will-power and increase motivation.

My approach is to have two separate sessions. The first one to understand your particular issues and motivations. The second session is then tailor-made especially for you. And you take away a CD to provide further assistance in the following days and weeks.

The total charge for both sessions and the CD is just £90. Or less than the cost of three weeks smoking at 20 cigarettes a day.

And you probably get a longer and healthier life in to the bargain.

The poisonous smoke of a volcano wells up from the deep.                

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