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Lose weight

Losing weight is never easy.

Because we have to have food to survive eating is a very basic instinct.

And usually as we were growing-up we were taught that food was good.

"Clear your plate and you can have some pudding".

"You've been so good you can have some sweets".

"There, there, never mind. Have a lollipop".

"Think of the poor starving children in Africa and finish your food".

Does any of that sound familiar? How many hundreds of times do you think you heard sentences like those when you were a child?

And when you are a child you believe what you're told by parents and other grown-ups. So the patterns and habits become fixed deep in the mind.

When you're feeling down you comfort-eat to make yourself feel better. Even when you're feeling full you finish the packet.

Luckily hypnotherapy can really help. By going back deep into the mind and reprogramming those patterns from childhood.

I can also give you the nutritional advice to help you lose weight safely and sustainably.

A good diet is still important

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